The City of Chamblee – we can’t do it without you!

Although many people have enjoyed the Chamblee Fun Mud Run over the past four years, not many people realize just how much help the Chamblee Middle School Education Foundation receives from the City of Chamblee. This year, Chamblee’s Special Events Coordinator, Brittney Lindsay, produced a video to promote the CFMR!  Check it out!

Tisa Moore, Chamblee’s Public Information Officer, made sure that the Mud Run received a full-page spread in the March 2019 issue. (See it here.) And Jodie Gilfillan, head of Chamblee’s Parks and Recreation Department helps us acquire Keswick Park and the Event Lawn for our Food Truck Night Event and the Mud Run.  Her crew comes and does some heavy street cleaning to wash away all the mud that the Mud Run leaves behind!  Lieutenant Roy Collar brings in officers from the Chamblee PD to keep traffic flowing on Food Truck Night and to guide the Mud Run along its course.  Tom Hogan, Chamblee City Councilman (who created the Mud Run!) makes sure that the race gets the “okay” from City Council and helps liaison us with Peachtree DeKalb Airport for our mud disposal.

Almost every area of the race is touched by someone in the City of Chamblee. We are beyond grateful to have such services provided to the Chamblee Fun Mud Run. While the CFMR prides itself on being run by parent volunteers, in truth, the professionals at the City of Chamblee are essential to the race’s success. We can’t do it without you, Chamblee!  Thank you!


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